Evagelistria Traditional Kaiki Wooden Boat

14 M 2 2 9 MPH

Evangelistria is a 14 meter Greek traditional boat is the typical sailing boat that symbolizes summer in all the islands of Greece. The wooden boats are equipped with all the comforts and are been cared with a lot of love. They have a sun protection awning and stairs to make it easier for guests to get out of the sea. They reach up to 20 meters in length and have a cabin, sofas, showers, toilets, masks, and flippers for passengers as they serve traditional Parian food and huge hospitality.

Boats are available for weddings, private tours, and other tours upon request.

The private charter with “kaikia” is done with the captain and upon request.

Boat type: Greek Traditional Wooden ‘Kaiki’ Boat
Manufacturer: -
Model: -
Year: 1989 rebuild
Length: 14 M
Cruising speed: 9 MPH
Boat captain: -
Number of crew: 2
Charter guest: 15
Cabins: 2

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