Cavern Dive Blue Dome



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dive Paros Greece Eurodivers Dive Greece

Max depth: 25 m

Dive type: Cave

Boat trip: 15min

Min qualification : Advanced Open Water & diving experience.



Diving just below the boat, with the bottom at -30m, we stay close to the island’s reef observing many kinds of fishes, the flora and the open sea. Then we reach the underwater cave with the first entrance at -8m witch we use to enter. In the cave there is plenty of light coming from an other bigger opening.

We can tour the cave observing the wall with soft corals and other flora and fauna. In the bottom of the cave and in some shady corners there are some extraordinary anemones in white and black. Then we ascend to the surface inside the cave where there is a dome with fresh air. We can observe the dome’s walls, the breathtaking lighting coming from below, and some very big, beautiful and old stalactites at the inner spaces of the cave. Often we can catch some small tuna fishes running away bothered from our presence.


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