Diving Equipment



We use high level equipment for diving Scubapro , all is properly maintained. Our BCs are weight-integrated and are fitted with Air2 alternative second stage regulators, removing the need for an “octopus” on the regulator. We keep a few BCs with normal inflators that can be used by guests who bring their own regulators. We keep a range of makes and types of fins and masks to fit all comers, though as masks are so personal we do suggest people buy their own well ahead of time and try it in a swimming pool.






Compressors, Tanks & Air


Eurodivers operates a BAUER 26 cfm compressor using their Secure 10 triple filtration system. All air we pump is totally clean, and is independently checked every quarter to meet with PADI Center requirements.

Securus Monitoring System For Breathing Air and Securus Safety System

The patented SECURUS system monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge by measuring the humidity of the molecular sieve and gives an “advance warning” on the B-CONTROL and SECURUS display when the filter cartridge should be changed.
SECURUS automatically switches the compressor unit off if the cartridge is saturated. The cartridge’s level of saturation is also indicated optically.
SECURUS guarantees optimal purity of the used medium and prevents premature filter changes. Purchasing the SECURUS unit consequently pays off in a short time.

Scuba tanks

Manufacturing Process
We use 10,15,18 lit. cyliders

  • Built from Chromium Molybdenum steel plate
  • Utilizes the deep drawn process; the preferred method to build a steel SCUBA cylinder
  • This process yields a cylinder with a very uniform wall thickness resulting in a lighter, more efficient cylinder



  • Superior buoyancy characteristics
  • These cylinders have been designed to be slightly negative at the end of a dive
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