Memory Foam Mattresses

Even though good sleep is a key element to a healthy and productive life, only few people will be willing to go an extra mile to invest in a good mattress.

The main reason to this is finding the right mattress with the needed qualities in terms of comfort and durability.

It is always hard to pick out the right mattress considering choices and preferences differ from one individual to another, which also brings in the aspect of pricing. However, there are those mattresses generally accepted by a majority of the public, and have been tried and tested.

From gathered views and customer response, Memory Foam Mattress is rated as the best mattress of the world.

It was first designed for NASA airplane seats and is made of viscoelastic materials, which makes it extremely soft and absorbent.

Features of Memory Foam Mattress

  • It molds to the body in response to any pressure and heat, and evenly distributes body weight and returns to its original shape once you relieve the pressure.
  • The visco-elastic foam in the mattresses follows the curvature of the body to provide even support and reduce the pressure points for different body parts.
  • The foam weighs 48 kilogrammes per cubic meter and has higher densities, which provides an excellent support and durability.
  • It is usually denser that other foam mattresses, making it both more supportive and heavier.
  • The latest generation of foam mattresses has an open cell structure that reacts to body heat and weight by molding to the sleeper’s body which prevents pressure sores.
  • The memory foam has the same chemical composition, but the density and layer thickness of the foam makes different mattresses feel different, making it the most preferred mattress of the world.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattress

Improved sleep – Due to the soft nature of the mattress, it tends to improve an individual’s sleep as it relieves painful pressure points. The heat from your body softens the the mattresss when you lie on the memory foam which in turn helps support your body along the curves and natural lines of the body.

Relieves pains – the manufacturers of the Memory Foam claim the mattress helps relieve pains and thereby promotes more restful sleep, and is advisable for people who have regular back pains.

It is long lasting – Due to the soft nature of the foam, it has a longer lasting span, and the durability is dependable.

Offers best comfort – The mattress features an all-foam support core that workds to blance the proper support with pressure-relieving comfort.

Improved technology – The mattress has been enhanced with time and according to the manufactures, their technological components involved make it the best

Stress relief – For old age people and those suffering from different body aches, these types of mattresses offers the best service.

Anti-allergic – Memory Foam mattresses are prepared with polyurethane foam that protects the mattresses from dirt and debris and is safe for individuals suffering from allergies.

Spinal alignment – The mattresses have the ability to ensure a corrected alignment of the spine, which in turn gives a restful and peaceful night.

Widely available - These types of mattresses are widely available and are in many brands/models which are also affordable.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress

Excessive heat – Memory Foam mattresses may retain body heat, which makes them less comfortable especially in warm weather, even though this can be countered by adjusting thermostats or even blankets for the appropriate season.

Chemical smell – When new, the mattress can produce an odd chemical smell, which is normally referred to as offgassing. However, there is a remedy to this problem, with recommendations to air the mattress for at least 24 hours before putting sheets on it.

Low support – These mattresses are flexible and contour according to body pressure, they do not offer support to your body compared to firm mattresses. If you like turning and tossing, the mattresses might be uncomfortable for you since you sink into it.

Takes time to adjust to new positions – This can be an issue for individuals who change positions often since it takes sometime before it adjusts to a new position.


Since such mattresses vary from one individual to another, there are different brands available. All types are rated well on pressure-relief, contouring and motion transfer;

1.     Traditional Memory Foam – slowest recovery time’ most likely to have complaints of odor and heat.

2.     Gel Memory Foam – Medium recovery time; also likely to have odor complaints, and heat complaints.

3.     Plant-based Memory Foam – Fastest recovery time; least likely to have complaints of odor or heat.

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